View, Sidewalk & Lane Obstructions

Report view, lane and sidewalk issues

The City's Zoning and Street and Traffic Bylaws require the intersection sightlines to be clear and for sidewalks, lanes and roadways to be free of obstructions. The bylaws ensure the safety of our drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and others.

Overgrown trees or bushes, fences and advertising signs on a corner property usually obstruct the view at intersections. This may put drivers, their passengers and others in danger. 

Sidewalk, lane and road obstructions are mostly caused by overgrown trees or bushes, signs, cones, pails and other objects cluttering the sidewalk, curb, lane or parking areas.

Bylaw enforcement

After we receive a complaint, the traffic division reviews the location and notifies the property owner. If the owner takes no action, the City sends crews to complete the work and passes on the costs to the owner.

Report an obstruction

Call or email the transportation division to report violations.


For general enquiries into bylaw violation notices, including disputes, hearing dates and outstanding fines, phone 604-294-7630.

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