Water Conservation

Since Burnaby is surrounded by waterways and has mild, wet winters, we may forget that drinking water is a precious and limited resource.

On average, Metro Vancouver residents use over 300 litres per day for washing dishes and clothes, showering, flushing toilets, watering lawns and other outside activities.

Why is water conservation important?

With our abundant resources, it's easy to take drinking water for granted. However, population growth, climate change and increasing industrial and agriculture demands can place enormous pressure on our water supply.

It's everyone's responsibility to use water sparingly to protect our water supply, conserve energy, reduce wastewater and lower personal utility costs.

If we do, we can:

  • have sufficient drinking water throughout the year, especially when low snow-pack levels and long, hot summers prevent our reservoirs from fully recharging
  • meet the demands of a growing population without needing costly infrastructure upgrades
  • reduce volumes of wastewater

Water conservation tips

Rain barrels are a great way for you to keep your gardens watered and growing. Rain barrel water is healthier for your plants as it is unchlorinated and oxygen-rich. Each barrel holds up to 341 L of water and can help you reduce water consumption.

With lawn watering restrictions in effect from May 1 to Oct 15, rain barrels are an affordable gardening solution.

You can purchase rain barrels at the City's Eco-Centre for $100 (including taxes). Due to limited quantities, you'll only be able to buy 1 barrel per household. We only accept cash or debit as a mode of payment.

Contact Recycling Line at 604-294-7972.


  • Low-flow toilets save 6-14 L per flush.
  • Toilet inserts save up to 100 L per day.
  • Aerator and flow restrictors on the kitchen tap save up to 20 L per day.
  • Shorter laundry cycles save 95 L per load. Full loads eliminate unnecessary loads.
  • Non-leaking kitchen and bathroom taps can save 47 L per day.
  • Shorter showers (1-2 min) save nearly 570 L per month.


  • Watering lawns sparingly or not at all saves up to 17,000 L per household during summer. Healthy lawns only need 25 mm (1 inch) of water per week.
  • Spring-loaded garden hose nozzles save 23 L per min.
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