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Posted August 17, 2017

The Public Hearing scheduled for Tuesday, August 29 has been rescheduled to Monday, August 28 at 6:00 PM in the Council Chamber at City Hall. Find out more »

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Arts Programs at the Shadbolt

Ceramic Arts Dance
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Visual Arts Community Programs


WHAT you create is not really important. WHY you create is really what matters.

Do you have an interest in taking a class but shy away from the thought of being creative?

Ask yourself, what gets your attention, your curiosity? What entertains you? Perhaps exploring something that takes you out of your comfort zone - there are so many forms of creativity that almost anything can be considered art. Doing what inspires you is what is most important. The following are some things you may experience when you find the perfect creative outlet.


You are fully present

Time seems to stand still

You become so absorbed that all other thoughts dissipate

The hands and brain are focused long enough to be in an introspective state


You have the opportunity for self-expression

You no longer compare your art to others

There is no judgement in your progress

You laugh at your mistakes - it may not be a mistake at all!


Accept that there is no need to be fully satisfied with your creation

Accept that you can do it again or try something different

Accept that the process is the journey, not the end result


Creativity brings people together in meaningful ways

Community art projects join groups of like-minded people

Working with others stimulates creative evolution

Open your mind, body and spirit to the process of creating; you may just be surprised with what you experience.

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