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Arts Programs at the Shadbolt

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Create More Than You Consume
Have you heard of the expression “create more than you consume”? In our increasingly connected world it is easy to lose entire days consuming information and being bombarded with external messaging. We allow our attention to be pulled, letting it into our homes, onto our screens and throughout our personal lives via social media, television, radio and other outlets. We shop, we purchase, we eat to excess and we waste. The process of creating can be one of the easiest ways to escape consumption overload. Engaging in simple creative acts such as writing, painting, singing, dancing and sculpting provide advantages that reach far beyond social, physical and emotional benefits—the process of creating naturally reduces consumption. And who wouldn’t want to add value to their world through art?

  • Grab your camera
  • Turn up the music
  • Put pen to paper
  • Produce something
  • Dance
  • Sketch

Now is the time to explore how creating can improve your health and increase your levels of happiness. View our spring/summer arts guide and after you've finished consuming what it has to offer, we challenge you to go create!

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    Winter programs (running Jan - Mar) are now available for registration.

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