How to Register

WebReg will be unavailable from 8 pm on Monday, July 29 to 4 am on Tuesday, July 30 for scheduled maintenance. Recreation facilities won’t be able to do any in person registration or membership sales after 7:30 pm on July 29.

Register for activities with our new and improved WebReg

The City has enhanced our online parks, recreation and culture activity registration system, WebReg, with a more modern system. This new user-friendly system has new features including greater capacity for more customers to register online at the same time, an improved navigation and search function, a personal calendar feature for you to view your family’s registered activities with ease, and mobile-friendly functionality that  enables registration across mobile devices.  You can learn how to use our new WebReg by viewing the instructional video below.

This improved system will make it easier for you to view, find and register for activities so you can spend less time online and more time staying active!  

Account information from the previous WebReg system has been transferred to the new system. Users who had an email in the former system can re-activate their account right away by signing into the new system with their email and selecting “forgot your password” to set up a password. Users who did not have an email in the former system will need to visit or call a Burnaby recreation or arts facility for assistance to re-activate their account. Users are encouraged to claim their online account and explore the new WebReg features ahead of fall registration in September. 

Visit WebReg

Have questions?

Check out our questions and answers, watch our instructional videos or stop by one of our free tutorials. If you require further assistance, submit your question(s) using our online form.

Register online on WebReg

With our new online registration system, it’s easy to browse and enroll in any activity. New WebReg includes a queuing system to save your place in line.  We encourage you to register online as it will be faster than lining up in our facilities or calling us.

Online registration using WebReg is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Note: With our new WebReg system, the City will be sending email communications from [email protected]. You'll receive a transaction confirmation email once enrolled in an activity with payment details. For those wait listed, a transaction confirmation email will also be sent with a $0.00 balance.

View our activity guide and registration dates

Instructional videos

Take a look at our short videos to help you navigate our new online registration system. 

Video Url

Video Url

Download instructions: 

Video Url

Video Url

Download instructions:

Video Url

Video Url

Download instructions: 

Video Url

Register by phone

Have your credit card ready to register and pay by phone. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express. 

Phone-in registration hours vary from location to location.

Recreation facility phone numbers

  • Bill Copeland: 604-297-4521
  • Burnaby Art Gallery: 604-297-4422
  • Burnaby Village Museum: 604-297-4565
  • Bonsor: 604-297-4597
  • Cameron: 604-297-4452
  • Christine Sinclair: 604-320-2222
  • Edmonds: 604-297-4838
  • Eileen Dailly: 604-298-7946
  • Kensington: 604-297-4535
  • Shadbolt: 604-297-4440
  • Willingdon: 604-297-4526
  • Youth Services - find youth centres contact information on the recreation facility page.

Plan ahead for registration

Please have the following ready for registration day.

  1. Ensure you have re-activated your online account if you’ve had an email address in former WebReg. Not sure if you’ve had an account with us, please call a recreation or arts facility. Do not create a new account. 
  2. Add activities to your Wish List.
  3. Log-in prior to the registration date to ensure you have access.
  4. Add family members to your account prior to registration opening.
  5. Store your credit card information on file for a quicker checkout. 
  6. We recommend the person who will be registering family members is the main contact on the account.
  7. Call a recreation or arts facility if you have any issues accessing your online account in advance of registration day.

Booking online is quicker than booking over the phone or lining up in facilities.

  1. Go to (system is best optimized on the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers).
  2. Log-in to your online registration account prior to registration opening. 
  3. Ensure that the main account user is the person who logs in and that you’ve saved a credit card for faster check out. 
  4. Know the barcode # for the activities you want to register for or pull your Wish List up of previously favourited activities.
  5. Refresh your browser right when registration opens. The system will not automatically refresh.
  6. Select activities for all family members first, then pay for all activities at once. Activities must be paid when you register to secure your spot. 
  7. If activities are full, join the wait list. If we have a cancellation, we will contact those on the wait list in the order that they were added.

As of January 2023, swim lessons have changed. The new program is called the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life and swim levels are different from Red Cross. If you are not sure what level to register in, please call any recreation facility in advance of registration day.

Learn more about the new program


  • If you passed a level in private lessons, call or come in person to register. You will not be able to register online as pre-requisites need to be added to WebReg prior to registration.
  • Completed lessons from another municipality or taken lessons that differ from Burnaby’s Swim for Life program (i.e. private or schoolboard lessons, swim club)? Visit our pool with their report card, email their report card to [email protected] or do a swim assessment so you can register in the right level.

Courses must be paid for when you register.

Please have your credit card number, expiry date and CVC number ready for phone-in or online registration. 

Registration fees

Course fees must be paid when you register.

We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, debit card or personal cheques (make cheques payable to the City of Burnaby). A $35.00 charge will be applied to all dishonoured cheque and credit card payments.

Prices for courses don't include taxes. Taxes are added at the time of payment, where applicable.

If you want to register for a seniors 55+ activity, you'll need to purchase a 55+ membership.

We offer 2 kinds of membership:

  • Single-centre membership: $20.30 per year
  • Multi-centre membership: $50.75 per year

If you usually take part in activities at one centre, the single-centre membership might be right for you. If you enjoy joining activities in more than one of our 4 centres, a multi-centre membership is the more economical choice.

If you’re a Burnaby citizen 90 years or older, please contact your local 55+ Centre regarding a lifetime membership.

Find out more about our 55+ seniors centre activities.

If you requested City staff to store your credit card for future use as a part of your transaction, you have agreed to the encrypted storage and future use of your credit card to pay for City of Burnaby parks, recreation and culture services in full or as part of a payment plan. There is no expiration date for this agreement, however, this agreement can be changed or cancelled at any time by you or the City by notifying the other party in writing or by telephone. Please note: The City does not store your credit card information directly in our systems; but instead uses an encrypted (tokenized) version of limited data to process the payment when authorized by the customer. Should you have any question regarding the storage of your credit card in a tokenized format, please contact any of our recreation or art facilities.

Cancellations and refunds

A new refund procedure is in effect for registered activities and passes/memberships that start or were purchased July 18, 2023 or later. All drop-in activities and memberships purchased before July 18, 2023 are subject to the old refund procedure.

Learn more

Questions and answers

Account creation

Yes, you can create your account online as long as you do not already have an account.

If you had an account in the former WebReg system, we have transferred the information from your old account into our new system. Visit and select “Sign In/Up”. Select “Forgot your password” and enter the email address you had within the former WebReg system. You’ll receive an email shortly to reset your password. 

  • If you had an account and you did NOT have an email in our old registration system, please contact one of our facilities or drop by a facility and our team will be able to assist you. 
  • If you are not sure if you have an account with us, call or visit any facility to inquire before creating a new online account. 

Learn more by viewing our short video.

You can create a new account by visiting

  • Click “Create an account” and follow the prompts.
  • Note: The main contact for the account must be 18 years or older. If you are between 13-17 years, you can create an account, but you cannot be the main contact.
  • You will be able to add family members once your primary account is created.
  • You can also create your account by calling one of our facilities or visiting one of our facilities in person.

Learn more by viewing our short video.

Yes. When setting your password, your password must be 8 or more characters, and contain 3 of the following: lowercase, uppercase, numeric, and/or special character.

Our new WebReg requires an email address to have an online account and register or purchases passes online. You can still create an account, register for activities or purchases passes in person and over the phone without an “online” account. Please call or visit one of our recreation or arts and cultural facilities

Account management

If you have used your account in our current system since January 1, 2016, your account information has been transferred over to our new WebReg system.

Customer accounts that had any transactions since January 1, 2016 were copied over from the old WebReg including their credit on account balance and any amounts owing. 

If you did not claim your copied account and created a new one instead, your credit on account will not show as it is associated with your copied account. 

Please claim your copied account online using the email address that was on your old WebReg account OR go in person or call any recreation or culture facility for assistance. 

If you wish to claim your copied account, please call any recreation or culture facility to have the ‘new’ account you created retired from the system to avoid any future complications with their transactions.

If you have credit on your account, you can apply the credit towards payment of activities and transactions. If you have questions, please any recreation or arts facility.

For those with recreation credits through the Fair Play Program (previously known as Recreation Credit Program), you can use this online when enrolling in an activity or purchasing a membership. Once signed into your online WebReg account, at the bottom of Payment and Order Management, select Financial Assistance Programs List to view your credit balance and expiry date. After selecting an activity and participant, the Apply Recreation Credit to this registration check box automatically applies to the balance owing or uncheck the box if you do not wish to use Recreation Credit. If the cost of registration isn’t fully covered, you’ll be prompted to pay the balance with a credit card. 

Yes. You are able to change the following personal details:

  • emergency contacts
  • phone numbers and mailing address
  • password and email address
  • credit card information
  • family members
  • agreement to receive information from City of Burnaby

Once your account is set-up you will need to contact us to make changes to your birthday. 

Only the primary contact can view, access and register all family members. If you need assistance determining who the primary contact is, please call or visit any recreation or arts facility. 

Alternatively, if you just created your account, you may not have added your family members yet.

Activity registration

Start browing for fall activities today. Our new Wish List feature allows you to create a list of activities that you may be interested in registering for in the future. You can add or remove activities at any time.

Fall activity registration will open at 10 am for Burnaby residents on the following dates:

  • September 7: recreation activities
  • September 8: arts and heritage activities
  • September 14: swimming lessons 
  • September 15: skating lessons

General registration for everyone will open September 11 for recreation, arts and heritage activities and September 18 for swimming and skating lessons.

Summer program registration information was not transferred into our new WebReg. To register for 2023 summer programs, or to confirm your summer program registration details, please call or visit a facility. To view remaining summer programs or summer account details, visit

There are several ways of finding activity information: keyword, activity number, or activity name search if you know exactly what you’re looking for. You can choose a category of activity to start narrowing activities down. You can also use search filters at the top of the page to narrow down age, location and dates.

Learn more by viewing our short instructional video.

No, you can still search for activities and see availability without an account; however, you will need to have online access to register for activities. 

Depending on the activity, you may need to be the age by the start date of an activity, end date of an activity, or by a certain date; so you may not meet the age restrictions of that specific course.

Ensure that the ages on your account are correct. If you have questions about age restrictions, contact our customer service team at one of our facilities for assistance. Please note: you are not able to change your birthdate online, you must call or visit one of our facilities. 

Our staff will call you if space comes available in your wait listed activity. Please be sure to have your current phone numbers in your account.

We have made a few changes to our refund guidelines.

Find out more

When you register for long term arts activities, you can now choose to pay in full at the time of registration or to make 3 payments. Please call or visit a facility for more information.

You have successfully registered when you click “Checkout” on the payment screen. You will receive a confirmation email with your registration confirmation and receipt. If you do not receive an email confirmation, check the family member’s profile to ensure an email address is entered.

You can also view your current registrations by clicking on My Info and navigating to “Schedule”.

Drop-in activities

Yes, advanced reservation is now available for most drop-in gymnasium such as basketball, soccer, badminton and volleyball, pickleball and table tennis. 

If you are no longer able to attend the drop-in activity, please withdraw prior to start time to allow others to participate. You can withdraw online, in person, or over the phone at one of our facilities.

Online withdrawal is available for our drop-in activities. To withdraw from a drop-in activity, follow these instructions:

  • login to your account at
  • select “My Account”
  • from your account page, select “Transaction and Payment History”
  • find the activity that you can no longer attend and select “Withdraw”
  • after confirming details, select “Finish” 
  • you’ll receive a credit on your account for future use. 

Learn more about viewing our short instructional video.

No. If you have a 10-visit pass, you are not able reserve drop-in activities online. Please phone or visit a centre in-person to reserve your drop-in activities.

New features

Our new Wish List feature allows you to create a list of activities that you may be interested in enrolling for in the future. You can add to or remove activities at any time. 

Creating a Wish List is easy. While browsing for activities, you can select the “heart” icon on the left of the activity name and add these activities to your Wish List. To view your Wish List, you can select “My Wish List” from your account. 

Learn more by viewing our short instructional video.

After payment is complete, click “Add to Calendar”. You can also do it from your profile page. From My Info, click on the person registered for the class, scroll to “Schedules”, click “Switch to List View”, locate the program or activity, click “Actions”, click “Add to Calendar”, and follow the prompts.

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