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Ceramics ArtsCeramics Arts Ceramics ArtsCeramics Arts

Imagine using your hands to create a piece of art that is both functional and beautiful. It is a magnificent feeling to be able to start with a piece of clay and use your imagination and skill to give it shape, meaning and artistic quality.

The ceramic arts programs offered at Shadbolt allow all ages from preschoolers, children, teens to adults, and skill levels to experience creating ceramic artwork with the guidance of seasoned and highly acclaimed professionals.

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Check out our summer program guides with classes for Adults, children and teens now available for registration:

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Open Workshop July 3-29, 2019:

Monday  1:30-5:30pm & 5:30-9:30pm 
Wednesday 1:30-5:30pm 
Sunday 1:30-5:30pm 

The Shadbolt Centre's kilns are available for rent on a first-come first-served basis. For information on firing your work in our Electric, Raku, Gas, Sawdust, Wood fired, or Soda fired kilns please go to our Kiln Rentals page.

Fine & Performing Arts Programmer – Ceramics 
Friederike Rahn (Acting)
Phone: 604-205-3012

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