City launching Active Patio Program pilot to support local businesses

Last updated: April 3, 2023

Burnaby, BC – Burnaby businesses will be able to take advantage of spring and summer weather by adding outdoor seating or expanding their outdoor spaces to create a vibrant, outdoor environment through the City’s Active Patio Program pilot.

Licensed businesses can apply to install outdoor street patios for added restaurant seating or expand their outdoor spaces to make room for retail displays, pick-up/drop-off kiosks, customer queuing and more. Businesses can apply for one of three types of patios

  • sidewalk patios that are located on the sidewalk adjacent to the business address
  • boulevard patios that are located in the boulevard space on the sidewalk, offset from the business address
  • curbside patios that are located next to the curb and in the adjacent parking lane 

The new pilot program builds on the Active Sidewalks, Open Businesses program that was created in 2020 to assist local businesses with reopening safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates to the program include:

  • new application fees
  • updated operational considerations
  • additional accessibility considerations

The new pilot program runs from April 1 to October 31, 2023 and supports local businesses by providing an ongoing opportunity to create outdoor street patios for customers to enjoy. Review the guidelines and find more information at

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