Personal Training

Fitness training that suits you

Whether you are a beginner, a serious athlete or in between, we match you with a trainer based on your needs and skills. Our expert trainers will teach you safe and correct training techniques to help you reach your fitness goals faster. All our trainers are certified personal trainers.

Get the most out of your workout

Our trainers will work with you to determine your current fitness level, lifestyle habits, and goals to create a personalized fitness plan just for you. They can help you manage weight, improve muscle tone, core strength, flexibility and overall health and well-being. Once you start exercising regularly, you may also sleep better, experience less stress and tension and notice other benefits. 

Lifestyle Services Coordinator:

Phone: 604-297-4454
Email: [email protected]


  • Each session is 1-hour long. 
  • The FAIR Play Program (previously known as recreation credit) does not apply to private or semi-private training sessions.

Personal training packages

  • 3 sessions
    Ideal for someone looking to train less than 1 time per week. Includes introduction to training, program planning and a kick start to your fitness journey.
  • 5 sessions
    Ideal for someone looking to train 1 time per week. Helps to build a solid foundation, extend on your existing knowledge, and provide advanced program planning.
  • 10 sessions
    Ideal for someone looking to train 1 time per week or more. Focuses on accountability, consistency and motivation.

Private training

With our one-on-one session, you'll be supported every step of the way.

3 sessions $164.30  
5 sessions $259.45  
10 sessions $490  

Prices do not include taxes. 

Semi-private training

Bring a friend, co-worker or partner of the same or similar fitness experience and goals to help each other stay fit. Our trainers will create one program for both, tailored to your specific goals.

3 sessions $135.90  
5 sessions $181.25  
10 sessions $339.80  

Prices are per person and do not include taxes.  

Questions and answers

It may take up to 2 weeks depending on your schedule, availability for training, and whether or not you need a doctor's note.

If you answer yes to one or more questions on page 4 of the Personal Training Client Package, you need a note. For example, you may have a heart or a joint condition. 

Not on the days of your training sessions. Only if you want to use the weight room or attend classes between your training sessions, you can pay for drop-ins or buy a pass or membership.

You can take up to 3 months to complete your package. Contact us if you need more time due to an injury or illness.  

Phone: 604-297-4454
Email: [email protected]

That's between you and your trainer to decide. 

The Lifestyles team selects a trainer based on your needs and the trainer's skill set. We also consider location, schedules and other factors.

All our trainers are either registered with BCRPA, CanFitPro or BCAK. In addition, they have different areas of expertise. This can include older adults, osteofit, pre/postnatal, yoga etc. All our trainers maintain their certification by attending courses, workshops and conferences.

The same fees applies to everyone.

Our services are for the general public. We do not take on clients with active ICBC or WCB claims.

Look for a friend or family member with similar fitness levels and goals.  

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