Offsite Exhibitions

Offsite exhibitions are organized by the Gallery’s Preparator/Exhibition Coordinator and generally draw from works from the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection. Offsite exhibitions also present opportunities for emerging and local artists to present their work to a wide audience.

Two Burnaby library locations, Bob Prittie Metrotown Library and McGill Library, host these exhibitions.

Tamana S.H. Djuya: Struggle

May 5-September 13, 2022

Tamana S.H. Djuya, Energy & Vibration (detail), 2022, ink and acrilyc on watercolour board 91.44 cm x 106.68 cm, courtesy the artist.

McGill Library
4595 Albert Street, Burnaby
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Tamana S.H. Djuya, born in Afghanistan, is a multidisciplinary visual artist who lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Her practice stems from a critical view of socio-political and cultural issues as well as interpersonal themes. Her paintings are a reflection of her life, and within them she addresses a wide range of topics, from the sociopolitical to humorous, to metaphysical aspects of things, symbolism, and the existence of being. 

“As a child, my father taught me traditional Persian Calligraphy; and so, at an early age, I became well-acquainted with the materiality and alchemy of ink and water—how it blends on wet paper and how it has a life of its own. I believe that ink, made from carbon and pressed into existence within the earth, holds the power of the universe, which can be seen in the agency of its behaviour with other materials like water and paper. Moving in directions that I can never control, it is impossible to anticipate the direction of the ink’s path and that uncertainty fascinates me.” – Tamana S.H. Djuya

Bob Prittie Metrotown branch is closed until further notice, due to damage from a fire on June 7.

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