Nick Volkow Skate Park (formerly Metro Skate Park)

Find your challenge–street, bowl or pipeline

Whether you're just beginning or you're a more advanced skateboarder, Bonsor Park's Nick Volkow Skate Park (formerly Metro Skate Park) has zones for every skill level. There's Metro Square for realistic street skating; Bonsor Pipeline with a full-pipe for extreme bowl skating; and Dogleg Bowl for 'old-school' park-style, beginner or flow skating. Visitor information and hours

Did you know? Burnaby pioneered the use of an environmentally friendly concrete for skate parks–at Nick Volkow Skate Park.

Please note: The skate park isn't supervised:

  • We strongly recommend that you use the proper safety equipment like a strapped on helmet, shin and wrist guards, and elbow and knee pads.
  • Small children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • No food, drinks or alcohol in the skate park.
  • Thank you in advance for following our posted etiquette rules when you're in the skate park.


Three exciting skate zones–Metro Square, Bonsor Pipeline and Dogleg Bowl.

More than half of Nick Volkow Skate Park is dedicated to street style skateboarding–all arranged in a plaza-like design, including a variety of different ramps, stairs, platforms, curbs, surfaces and railings that offer lots of edge conditions for practicing and performing tricks. There are also a few extraordinary spots like the big rock gap and pipe benches. We've spaced out the obstacles so skaters have more room to cruise.

The centre bowl area is approximately 26 by 20 metres in size with a steeply sloped bowl section that's about 2.5 metres deep. With its low wall, the large central pyramid island creates a lot of return momentum for experienced skaters. A 5.5 metre diameter full pipe section is attached to the island with stairs leading to an observatory platform on top.

This 24 by 24 metre section was created with the beginner skateboarder in mind. The shallow-sloped bowl is made for lots of circuits around the low centre mound. The large platform on top of the mound has several curbs with edge conditions to practice "grinding" with skateboards.


There are 11 designated parking stalls at Bonsor Recreation Complex. 8 are located near the front entrance, and 3 are located on the south side of the building.


Accessible washrooms are provided on each floor of Bonsor Recreation Complex.

Visitor Information

Nick Volkow Skate Park (formerly Metro Skate Park)

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42 Central Blvd
Burnaby BC Canada
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Park hours

The skate park is open 7:30 am 'til dusk. It doesn't have night time lighting.

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There's parking at the lot on the corner of Bonsor Ave and Central Blvd, and behind the Bonsor Recreation Complex–a short walk across Bonsor Park to the skate park. Some on-street parking on Jubilee Ave is available. 


Designated parking stalls available. Accessible washrooms in Bonsor Recreation Complex. 

View more details in our Burnaby Access Guidebook.

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