Environmental Review Committee

Learn about the Environmental Review Committee and how to apply for review or setback relaxation.

The Environmental Review Committee (ERC) was established in 1999 as part of the City's Environmental Policies for Community Development and Ecosystem Protection. ERC works with various departments to review development applications in environmentally sensitive areas.

ERC ensures:

  • Coordinated and streamlined review of development applications in regards to the Streamside Protection and Enhancement Areas Bylaw.
  • Protection and enhancement of sensitive ecosystems while allowing for development opportunities consistent with the City's broader strategic plans.

Apply for ERC review

The City's Streamside Protection and Enhancement Areas Bylaw (Section 6.23) requires setbacks for development near streams, ravines, wetlands and lakeshores and supports applicable federal and provincial fisheries legislations.

Where full protection isn't feasible, ERC may consider relaxing the setback. The application fees for ERC review is:

$1,274 for Type 1 applications: for local areas plans, rezoning, subdivision and fill permits.

$637.50 for Type 2 applications: for single and two-family developments.

$0 for Type 3 applications: for general applications and infrastructure development.

Do you live near a stream, ravine or an environmentally sensitive area?

Contact the planning department at [email protected] or call 604-294-7850 about streamside setback requirements that may affect your property.

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