Residential Utility Fees

2024 Utility Fees are due Friday, March 15, 2024. If you did not receive your utility notice, please contact the Tax Office at 604-294-7350. 

Understanding your bill

Your utility notice will include up to 4 items:

  • annual water charge
  • annual sewer use charge
  • cross connection device charge
  • residential garbage toter fee

2024 Utility fees

Water and sewer rates are reviewed annually to ensure that the City can continue to provide quality water and sewer services.

Residential Type  Water Sewer Use
Single Family Residence $652.33 N/A
Rented Suite in a Single Family Dwelling $326.17 $324.00
Two Family Dwelling - entire property $978.50 $324.00
Two Family Dwelling - stratified  $489.20 $162.00
Rented Suite in a Two Family Dwelling $244.60 $242.50
Multiple Family Dwelling  $374.54 $351.00
Laneway Home $326.17 $324.00
  • Rates are subject to a 5% discount if paid by the due date.
  • Cross Connection Charges will be added when applicable.
  • Note: Sewer parcel tax is billed with Property Taxes in May. Sewer Parcel Tax is shared between the number of properties on each parcel of land.

The City collects utility fees on behalf of Metro Vancouver to cover the cost of water and sewer treatment. 

The garbage disposal fees for residential pick-up may not change annually.

Receptacle Size

Size (litres)














A 5% discount will apply if your full utility payment is received in the tax office before the due date.

Supplementary utility fees for secondary suites

Secondary suites offer a number of benefits–as affordable rental housing, a “mortgage helper” or an option for seniors to 'age in place'. Here's what you need to know about utility fees for your supplementary suite(s).

All owners of single- and two-family homes in Burnaby are required to fill out a declaration indicating whether or not they're renting out their home or a suite on the property. Property owners are only required to submit a Supplementary Utility Fees Declaration form if one (or more) of the following conditions apply:

  • a previous declaration form was not submitted
  • there is a change in property ownership
  • the rental status of the property has changed

If there's a change in the rental status of the property, you must submit a new declaration within 30 days of the change.

Download this fillable form to your device if you're are having difficulties completing it in your web browser. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader or download this app onto your device.

House Rental Licence

If you rent out your home and do not live on the premises, you are also now required to purchase a House Rental Licence instead of paying additional utility fees. 

Learn more

Questions and answers about supplementary utility fees

For the purpose of the Supplementary Utility Fees Declaration, “rented” mean the receipt of rental income in exchange for use or occupancy of the suite for any period of time in the applicable calendar year, including renting to family members or relatives.

The property owner will receive a combined fine of $1,000 ($500 under the Sewer Charge Bylaw and $500 under the Waterworks Regulation Bylaw), plus recovery of the supplementary utility fees.

You can view fees and charges for properties in Burnaby via the City’s new Property Information Inquiry service. For suite complaints, please email [email protected].

All forms of rent and tenant, long or short term, homestay, or other are applicable.

This declaration can be submitted once, however if there is a change in the rental status of the property, a new declaration must be submitted within 30 days of the change.

All declarations must be signed to be considered.

Unfortunately not. The Supplementary Utility Fees Declaration plus information about the program is available on our website.

Not at the time of declaration. However, the City reserves the right to audit your submission and request further supporting details at any time.

If you own a rental house but you don't reside on the property, you'll be required to obtain a House Rental Licence. Supplementary utility fees will not apply to a rental house with a valid licence, unless there is a separate suite that is rented. In cases where there is a separate suite that is rented to a different tenant than the primary home, then the supplementary utility fees are payable in addition to the licence.

Complete the Supplementary Utility Fees Declaration, indicating a change of status, and submit it to the City via [email protected] within 30 days of the change.


No - Supplementary Utility Fees are an annual charge. There is no reduction for a change in rental status.

Please note that it doesn't matter how long the house is rented. If there's a possibility that you'll rent it for any period of time during the year, then a House Rental Licence is required. If your status changes at any time during the year, you must inform the City within 30 days of the change so the City can adjust your records. Please complete the Supplementary Utility Fees Declaration again, indicating a change of status, and submit it to our office via [email protected].

If you're not certain when the home will be completed–and whether or not you'll be renting out the house or just the suite, you can select NO to section 2, question A. If your status changes later in the year, please complete the Supplementary Utility Fees Declaration, indicating a change status, and submit it to our office via [email protected] within 30 days of the change status.

Here are links to the bylaws related to this declaration:

Change of address

It's important to keep your address current for property assessment and taxation purposes.

If the mailing address on your Property Tax bill is incorrect, please complete and submit the Change of Address Area 10, Jurisdiction 301 form directly to BC Assessment.

Please note: It may take a couple of weeks for the City to receive your updated information from BC Assessment.

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