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The Office of the City Clerk maintains our municipal bylaws. Common bylaws include vehicle parking and stopping regulations, animal control, building and construction, licensing, noise, zoning and business regulation and management of public recreation areas. Search City Bylaws »

The City categorizes bylaws as Zoning, Expenditure, or Regulatory, with some Regulatory Bylaws applying to Parks or Building.

Please be advised that although the City works to ensure this Bylaw information is kept as up-to-date as possible, amendments and very recent updates may not be displayed. Contact the Office of the City Clerk to confirm the information you see is correct.

Zoning Bylaw

This Bylaw regulates the development and use of land, and the location and use of buildings or other structures within the City of Burnaby. More information »

Expenditure Bylaws

These Bylaws are adopted on a yearly basis for Capital Works, Development Cost Charges, Local Area Service Construction, Local Improvement Fund Expenditures and Tax Exemptions. Search Expenditure Bylaws »

You can contact the Engineering Department with questions, or the Finance Department with questions on Tax Exemption bylaws.

Regulatory Bylaws

These Bylaws regulate projects and services in the City of Burnaby unrelated to Zoning or Expenditure. Search Bylaws »

Park Bylaws

A number of the regulatory Bylaws are applicable to our parks system. They are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of park users while guaranteeing that we enjoy green spaces without disrupting them.

Building Bylaws

A number of the regulatory Bylaws are applicable to a building project. Many of the permits issued and inspections required by the Building Department are to ensure that certain Bylaws are followed and enforced. More information »

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  • Adjudication Process

    Bylaw AdjudicationMoreHow to dispute a parking ticket or bylaw violation notice.
  • Permits and Licences

    Business licenceMoreFind permits and licences required by City Bylaws.