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Roads & Traffic

For traffic and roadwork, requests, services and safety, the information you see below may prove useful.  Navigate to the information you need using the links below or in the fly-out menu to your left.

To learn what we do at City Hall or to contact us directly, please visit the Public Works and Traffic department pages.

snowIQ - winter street shovelling_v2

Snow and Ice Control

Our role and your role to keep streets and sidewalks clear of snow.
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Public Works - Water

Engineering Permits

Get a permit for your project site or home work.
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Special Events_v2

Special Events

Parades, block parties, fun runs and special event banner placement.
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Traffic jam_V2

Traffic Cameras

Check Highway 1 traffic before starting your drive.
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Local Area Service

Get sidewalks and speed bumps with this special City service.
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parking lot_V2

Parking Services

Learn about metered parking and any restrictions in Burnaby.
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Road Closures - learn more
Bike Routes - learn more
  • Town Centre Standards

    MoreMoreAdding to the liveability and sustainability of Burnaby's streets.
  • Drive Smart

    Drivesmart - LogoMore Learn about the DriveSmart program.
  • Don't Leaf it Alone!

    Pagelet TemplateMoreHelp reduce localized flooding by removing leaf debris.