Burnaby’s reserves result in savings for residents on water and sewer services

Last updated: November 23, 2022

The City of Burnaby is leveraging its strong financial position to pass savings on to residents, as City Council approved modest increases for sewer and water services for 2023, despite Metro Vancouver rates climbing at a significantly faster rate.

The 2023 water and sewer rates were approved by City Council on November 21.

Increase residents will pay in 2023:

  • 2 per cent for sewer services
  • 2 per cent for water services 

Actual increase in costs passed along to the City of Burnaby by Metro Vancouver:

  • 7.6 per cent for sewer services 
  • 2.8 per cent for water services

The City will use reserves to avoid passing on Metro Vancouver’s rate increases to our residents, keeping our 2022 increases to residents low compared to the rate increases set by Metro Vancouver.

Water and sewer services utility notices will be sent to residents in late January. To save even more on your annual utility bills, be sure to submit payment through Burnaby’s online portal by March 15. 

To learn more about what your fees pay for, check out Burnaby’s Water & Sewers information page

Learn more about the City’s programs:

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