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Snowfall Warning: 10 to 15 cm Expected

Updated 4:00 PM, December 9, 2016

Snow flurries continue this afternoon and more snow is expected over higher terrain through Saturday morning. Read Environment Canada Snowfall Warning »

City crews and equipment are in operation 24-hours to keep streets clear of ice and snow with the focus on priority streets, emergency routes, and bus routes until conditions improve. We appreciate your patience as we work towards removing snow and ice in other areas as conditions and resources allow.

Snow plowing routes are established based on traffic volume, speed, road classification, road terrain, and accessibility by transit and emergency services. View our map of priority snow removal routes. More Snow and Ice Control information »

Please leave extra time to commute, consider taking an alternative route or mode of transportation, stay up to date with weather alerts and Translink service advisories.

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Permit Types

Permits are issued to property owners and owner's agents for a variety of projects. Once you know which permit is appropriate for your project, you can access the specific brochures and applications you will need to have issued:

Read through Permit Processing for single/two family residential, multi-family, and commercial projects for an overview of the steps you need to take when processing a permit or completing a specific project.

To access a complete list of City permits, please visit our city-wide Permits page.

Building Permit

Issued for the construction of all structures including new buildings, additions, interior finishing, signs, building moving and building demolitions.

Electrical Permit

Issued to a licenced electrical contractor holding a valid Burnaby business licence or home owner for any electrical work undertaken. A permit can only be issued to the home owner of a single-family dwelling who is living on their own property. Electrical permits are required for all energized signs, movie sets and outdoor live performances.

Fire Protection Permit (Sprinkler Permits)

Issued to sprinkler contractors for the installation of sprinkler heads, etc.  

Gas Permit

Issued to gas contractors (owner may obtain permit in single family dwellings only) for all gas installations. Gas installation over 409,000 BTU to be obtained from the Provincial Safety Authority.

Heating Permit

Issued to a heating contractor for the installation of forced air or hydronic heating systems in any self contained residential unit.

In-Law Suite Licence

In-Law/Caregiver suite licenses are issued to homeowners or to the principal tenant of a dwelling unit who wish to have an immediate member of his or her family or a caregiver share their home. Please note that only existing licensed in-law/caregiver suites are eligible for renewal of the in-law/caregiver suite license. New in-law/caregiver suites are no longer permitted because the City has implemented a Secondary Suite Program. Please refer to the Secondary Suite Program webpage for more information.

Plumbing Permit

Issued to plumbing contractors or home owners for plumbing work in new houses, additions, commercial, public and industrial buildings. Permits are also required for any site work. A plumbing permit can be issued to a home owner for single family dwellings only.

Preliminary Plan Approval For Signs

Required prior to the issuance of any building or electrical permits for a sign.

Swimming Pools

A building permit is required for any swimming pool having a water surface area exceeding 14 m2 (150 sq. ft.) and a depth of more than 500 mm (20 inches).

Tree Cutting Permit

Required if trees are to be removed that meet the definition of a “Protected Tree”.

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