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Children and Child Care

Burnaby is committed to delivering a high quality of life for all its residents including its youngest citizens.

The City recognizes the critical social and economic role quality child care plays in community well-being and is committed to assisting in the creation of a comprehensive and inclusive child care system in Burnaby. The City's Child Care Policy outlines this commitment.

Through the City's Community Benefit Bonus Policy, the City has acquired five City-owned child care centres that are operated by non-profit societies. As well, the City supports child care services and programs in Burnaby through its Child Care Resources Group.

The City also supports children in Burnaby through a broad range of recreation activities and programs and through partnerships with Burnaby School District, Fraser Health and other community partners. The City is an active participant in Burnaby's Early Childhood Development Community Planning Table and the Burnaby School Age Initiative.

Opening a Child Care Centre

Groups and individuals interested in opening a child care centre, including a homebased child care centre should consult with the Planning and Building Department.

Where can I locate a child care centre in Burnaby?

Child care centres are located throughout Burnaby. They are located in people’s homes, in buildings specially designed as child care centres, in commercial or residential buildings that have converted space into child care centres, or in other spaces such as rooms in churches and other places of worship. To operate licensed child care in Burnaby, the child care operator must ensure that the centre operates within the correct zoning district.

Contact Us

For more information about zoning for child care centres, please contact the City of Burnaby’s Planning Department at 604-294-7400 or visit the front counter of the Planning Department on the third floor of Burnaby City Hall.