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Your safety is our priority

The City of Burnaby works very closely with essential partners to support community safety programs that play a crucial role in protecting people and property in our city.

Who we are

Community Safety manages our public safety functions–RCMP Burnaby Detachment, Fire, Risk Management and Emergency Planning. Together, they provide coordinated emergency services. The department also oversees bylaw enforcement, licensing for business owners, contractors and dog registration. 

What we do

We're working to prevent and reduce crime and build a livable, sustainable and safe community through programs and services of the Burnaby RCMP Detachment (which includes Police Services), Crime Reduction and Intervention, Intervention Support, Burnaby Fire Department, Licence, Risk Management and Emergency Planning.

Learn more about the divisions that fall under Community Safety: 

The Burnaby Fire Department protects life and property and ensures the safety and well-being of Burnaby's citizens. The department provides fire prevention, suppression, education, hazardous materials and technical rescue services–on both land and water. They also offer a high level of first response emergency medical care.

Explore the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

The Burnaby RCMP detachment manages law enforcement, crime prevention and maintenance of peace and safety for our community. The department—which has the motto of, Partners for a Safe Community—works closely with all community stakeholders, including the City and the public, to pursue its mandate.

The City has established community police offices in the four neighbourhoods to make safety a community priority. As part of this initiative, citizens play an active role in programs like Crime Watch, Business Watch, Block Watch and the Cell Watch distracted driving initiative, to name a few. The City also funds integrated regional teams tasked with homicide investigations, emergency response to critical incidents, forensic identification, police dog services and collision reconstruction.

Explore the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

The Police Services division includes all the support components provided to the RCMP by municipal staff at the Burnaby detachment. Key functions include:

  • Business services: supports the financial and general business needs of Burnaby RCMP including purchasing and asset maintenance
  • Information Technology: installs and maintains RCMP detachment hardware, software, systems, and security
  • Police Records Management: supports with quality assurance of police files, court liaison and cell block services, crime analysis, major case management, watch commander assistance, and records and Canadian Police Information Centre maintenance
  • Community Programs & City Services: provides support to victims of crime, complaint handling, processing and securing of exhibits, youth services, administrative support, and processing of security clearances

The Crime Reduction and Intervention division engages with the community through programs that enhance and maintain community safety and complex social issues. Key functions include:

  • crime prevention and reduction programs, including gun and gang violence initiative
  • youth services
  • anti-graffiti prevention and response programs

The Risk Management and Emergency Planning division implements practical measures to protect and secure the City's assets. They do the following:

  • Coordinate and manage emergency planning with first responders, neighbouring municipalities, and non-government organizations.
  • Run regular emergency training and disaster exercises for City staff, first responders and volunteers who have designated roles in Burnaby's emergency plan.
  • Provide basic services to those impacted by a disaster.
  • Provide ongoing education to residents and businesses on overall emergency preparedness through presentations, demonstrations and promotional materials.
  • Manage the City’s insurance and self-insurance programs.
  • Review contracts and recommend insurance.
  • Review insurance documentation from contractors and vendors for compliance.
  • Receive written notice of claim from third parties.
  • Investigate and determine liability.
  • Manage claims resolution.

The Intervention Support division provides a compassionate and trauma-informed approach to addressing homelessness. Intervention Support Workers (ISWs) assist unsheltered individuals to access services including:

  • referrals to housing or shelters
  • assistance with obtaining identification cards
  • referrals to doctors, nurses, counsellors and mental health supports
  • help with applying for income assistance, disability or other sources of income
  • referrals to detox or drug and alcohol treatment programs
  • assistance with obtaining free or low-cost food, clothes, sleeping bags, hygiene items, showers, laundry and toiletries

Enforcement officers respond to complaints, enhance public safety and ensure all municipal bylaws are being followed and by responding to complaints. Enforcement officers patrolling Burnaby's parks record public interactions using body-worn cameras, which assist in the collection of evidence and help ensure accountability, transparency and trust.

The Licence Office ensures Burnaby's businesses are appropriately licenced and comply with all the applicable bylaws to safeguard the public and minimize conflict.

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