Climate Leadership

We will continue to lead and support individual, community and industry climate action, while encouraging and enabling climate and energy policy changes

Burnaby's climate leadership initiative builds on our role as a policy leader on climate action, demonstrated in initiatives such as the Community and Energy Emissions Plan (CEEP), the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, our Green Building Policy, expansion of organic waste diversion and introduction of EV charging requirements.

We'll continue to work and partner with community members and all levels of government to advocate for policy change and resourcing from provincial and federal governments. We'll also advance the dozens of carbon-reducing initiatives detailed in our Climate Action Framework targeting transportation, building energy efficiency (with new buildings generating low or zero carbon) and waste.

Guided by the City Energy Strategy, the City is moving its own facilities and fleet toward carbon neutrality, with the goal of achieving carbon neutral City operations by 2040. Progress is being documented and reported.


Leading by example, we aspire to achieve our ambitious climate action targets while encouraging and enabling community members, businesses, not-for-profits and other levels of government to also quickly advance and adopt climate-friendly practices and policies.

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Programs and projects

Burnaby will continue to bring forward, review and support renewable energy projects that meet our energy strategy's principles and decision criteria, focusing on those that reduce emissions, increase resilience and meet operational requirements.

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