Accelerated Mode Shift

We're rapidly adding transportation alternatives that increase opportunities to walk, cycle and roll, and access efficient public transit

High-quality sidewalks, urban trails and transit priority measures enable and encourage people to choose alternatives to car travel, reduce carbon emissions and enhance community health. Burnaby is accelerating construction of these active-transportation and transit-priority options. Our goal is to ensure that by 2040, Burnaby neighbourhoods are walkable, cyclable and transit-supported. By 2050, we hope to see 75% of trips made on public transit and by active transportation, with no increase in vehicle-kilometres travelled.

In 2021, Council adopted Connecting Burnaby—Burnaby’s Transportation Plan, a progressive vision and plan that will guide transportation planning and policy decisions in Burnaby for the next 30 years. It aims to create a vibrant and prosperous community by:

  • connecting people, places and goods
  • providing safe, accessible, healthy and sustainable transportation options
  • supporting the ecological integrity of the environment

Implementation of the Transportation Plan is underway including developing high-quality sidewalks and multi-use paths, expanding the city’s cycling network, introducing transit priority measures, adding more bus shelters and increasing opportunities for car sharing.

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