Zero-Emission Buildings - Retrofits

We'll work with all levels of government to achieve net-zero emissions from existing homes and buildings

Burnaby’s goal is to have existing buildings in Burnaby transitioned to low carbon energy sources for space heating and hot water by 2050, resulting in zero emission homes and businesses throughout the city. Heat pumps are a primary technology in this transition.

Retrofits are one of the most challenging areas of climate action for local governments because:

  • there are few points of contact between local governments and existing home and building owners with regard to energy use and options
  • significant energy efficiency upgrades can be costly (compared to new construction)
  • the number of existing residential units is significant–92,000

We'll develop a retrofit strategy to define measures to reduce energy consumption in buildings while transitioning to zero-emission energy sources and technologies. Heating and hot water systems generally have shorter lifespans than building envelopes, providing a key opportunity. The City will call on senior levels of government and other partners to support citizens and businesses in this transition.



A transition to zero emission existing buildings, through the increased use of zero emission space heating and hot water systems, will directly reduce community emissions and could account for 34% of emission reductions by 2050.

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