Zero-Emission Buildings - New

We're working to ensure that by 2030 or sooner, most new buildings in Burnaby are net-zero emissions at occupancy

This Big Move builds on Burnaby’s recently adopted Green Building Policy. It supports the Environmental Sustainability Strategy and the Community Energy and Emissions Plan “Build” goal of “Buildings and infrastructure that have a positive impact on the environment.”

An early commitment to net-zero-emission new buildings prevents adding new emission sources during a time when emissions need to be decreasing. New ZE buildings keep community emissions from rising as the population grows. Early action also reduces the need to make costly retrofits later.

We'll review and revise the Green Building Policy within 2 years to strengthen low and zero carbon provisions. The policy should establish a clear and transparent zero emissions pathway for new buildings going through rezoning as of 2025. The goal is for the majority of Burnaby’s new buildings to be zero emissions for heating, cooling and hot water at occupancy, by 2030 or sooner.



Zero-emission buildings (net-zero new) could account for 9% of city emission reductions by 2050.

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