Zero-Emission Buildings - New

We're working to ensure that by 2030 or sooner, most new buildings in Burnaby are net-zero emissions at occupancy

This Big Move complements Big Move 7 (Zero-emission Buildings—Retrofits) and Burnaby’s Building Retrofit Strategy because every zero-emission building built today is one that won’t need retrofitting tomorrow. Constructing zero-emission buildings (net-zero new) could account for nearly 10% of our targeted citywide emission reductions by 2050.

City actions like our Green Building Policy and Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion Bylaw, together with provincial initiatives such as the BC Energy Step Code and Zero Carbon Step Code, will reduce and ultimately eliminate new emissions sources from new buildings.

The BC Energy Step Code and Zero Carbon Step Code are part of the BC Building Code, and both apply to most common types of new buildings. The BC Energy Step Code lays out the requirements for energy-efficiency in newly constructed buildings, while the Zero Carbon Step Code focuses on emissions reductions from those same buildings.

Burnaby is ahead of the provincially mandated timeline for implementing the Zero Carbon Step Code. The higher requirements (introduced in January 2024) apply to both small and large new construction. Residential home construction is on an incremental schedule that will not require zero-carbon performance until 2025.

While the Province has signaled that the highest step of the Zero Carbon Step Code will be a requirement of the BC Building Code by 2030, Burnaby is accelerating the adoption timeline as a part of our commitment to climate leadership.

Learn more about green building and land development requirements and about the Zero Carbon Step Code

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