Learn about the subdivision process and how to apply to subdivide a property

Subdivision is the legal process of altering a property's boundaries once approved by a municipal Approval Officer. You must apply for subdivision if you want to:

  • divide your land into smaller parcels of land
  • realign existing boundaries
  • consolidate 1 or more properties into a single lot
  • create a Bare Land Strata
  • airspace parcelization
  • stratification and phased stratification

The subdivision process is governed by the City’s zoning and subdivision bylaws and the Local Government and Land Title Acts.

Subdivision process

The City follows the following procedure:

Before submitting your written application, contact the Planning Department in writing to confirm the feasibility of the subdivision. Subdivision enquiries should include a letter of intent and a site survey.

Submit your application with the appropriate fee and all the required documents and plans.

The planning department reviews the application and circulates it to different City departments and government agencies for review.

If everything goes well, the Approving Officer issues a tentative approval letter along with several prerequisite conditions.

If you meet all the prerequisite conditions, you can submit the required documents.

Once all conditions are met, the Approving Officer will issue final approval.

Explore a more detailed step-by-step approval process for subdivision.

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