High Streamflow Advisory: Fraser River

Updated May 22, 2018 at 10:25 AM

The River Forecast Centre has issued a High Streamflow Advisory for the Fraser River due to increased snow melt runoff. River levels and flows are expected to remain elevated this week and into the weekend.

City staff are monitoring water levels, conducting daily patrols of areas adjacent to the Fraser River, and are prepared for possible minor flooding as part of our Flood Response Plan »

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Council Profiles

Mayor Derek Corrigan

Mayor Derek Corrigan

The Mayor and Council are elected by the residents of Burnaby, and are charged with the responsibility of providing good municipal government. The Mayor is the head and chief executive officer of the City. It is the mayor's duty and privilege to represent the citizens of Burnaby at various public functions, such as meetings with visiting dignitaries and officials and local community and fund raising events.

The Council is the governing body of the City, and is responsible for seeing that its powers are used for the benefit and protection of its citizens. Of the three levels of Canadian government - federal, provincial and municipal - municipal government is most directly involved in providing services to citizens.

Councillor Pietro Calendino

Pietro Calendino

Councillor Sav Dhaliwal

Sav Dhaliwal

Councillor Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston

Councillor Colleen Jordan

Colleen Jordan

Councillor Anne Kang

Anne Kang

Councillor Paul McDonell

Paul McDonell

Councillor Nick Volkow

Nick Volkow

Council James Wang

James Wang

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