Construction & Renovation

Looking to build or alter property?

Find information on housing, construction, repairs and new additions for homes, businesses and commercial operations in Burnaby. Explore these resources to learn more.

Building bylaws

These bylaws will help you understand what can and cannot be a part of your construction or renovation project.

Demolition waste diversion

Learn about how we're taking action to divert demolition materials out of landfills and into the proper recycling channels.

Tree removal and replacement

The City provides this general guide for you to understand why you may or may not be issued a tree cutting permit for a protected tree on your property.

Secondary suites 

A secondary suite is an accessory dwelling unit fully contained within a single dwelling and provides various benefits.

Major development projects

Burnaby's strong economy, innovative outlook and many business parks and town centres make us a desirable place to work, invest and thrive. 

Green building development

See our initiatives to help reduce waste, protect against emissions and guard our city’s natural spaces before, during and after construction. 

Housing programs and policies

We use our building regulatory powers to ensure the type of housing built in our city is safe and accessible for all citizens. 

Development cost charges

Explore our fee schedule for development-related charges.

Engineering development review process 

Learn how our redesigned development review process improves the experience of dealing with the City.

City infrastructure

See the engineering publications that guide the design and construction of City infrastructure.

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