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Learn about the City's committees, commissions and boards

Committees, commissions and boards meet to discuss and decide on important topics that affect you, Burnaby's residents and business owners. City councillors chair most of these groups, while other councillors serve as vice-chairs and/or members.

Some groups are made up entirely of council members, while others only have citizen appointees–or in some cases, a combination of both. The mayor is an ex-officio member—that is, a member-based on position, not by appointment—of all the committees.

Learn more about each of the following committees, commissions and boards at the City of Burnaby.

Access Advisory Committee

This committee advises Council on improving access and inclusion for community members with disabilities in Burnaby. 

Audit Committee

This committee reviews the audited annual financial statements and other financial information, reports to the council about committee activities, issues and related recommendations and ensures the City follows applicable laws and regulations.

Board of Variance

This board considers minor variances to the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw. The board may hear appeals regarding the siting, dimensions or size of a building but not those involving use or density.

Community Heritage Commission

This commission advises the council on the City’s heritage program, including supporting the preservation of heritage buildings, structures, or lands, public education and awareness, regulations and legislation to protect heritage register and inventory, conserving, monitoring, promoting and enhancing City-owned heritage resources and managing council-approved funds for heritage purposes.

Environment Committee

This committee advises the council on environmental issues, including public education and awareness and policies to ensure the City meets its environmental targets and goals per the current climate emergency.

Executive Committee of Council

This committee advises the council on the City's strategic direction, First Nations reconciliation, provision of grants to help cultural, athletic and volunteer assistance groups, special initiatives that bring recognition to the City, among other things.

Financial Management Committee

This committee oversees the City’s annual budget, expenditures, debt and the planning and construction of major civic buildings, among other things.

International Relations & Friendship Cities Committee

This committee works to improve the relationships between the City and our Sister and Friendship cities. The committee establishes and reviews the City's policies, projects and procedures regarding foreign relationships, cultural awareness, collaborative learning opportunities and trade and economic development.

Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing

This task force explored strategies for improving housing affordability. The initiative was a significant step towards developing an effective approach to the housing crisis. The task force's findings would continue to help the council create policies and other tools to address our City's housing needs.

Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission

This commission maintains contact with community groups and individuals and ensures that community needs are reflected in Parks, Recreation and Culture policy decisions.

Planning and Development Committee

This committee advises the council on transportation planning, affordable housing, land leasing for non-market and special needs housing, planning issues for residential land use and reports on the impacts of federal and provincial policies.

Public Library Board

This board sets strategic priorities, oversees all the financial and operational aspects of the library.

Public Safety Committee

This committee collaborates with various City departments to implement and promote public safety programs and initiatives. Discover the plans, projects and programs that the City is undertaking to create a safer community.

Social Planning Committee

This committee advises the council on various social issues, including leasing space at Burnaby's community resource centres, needs of seniors, youth, families, ethnic groups, 2SLGBTQIA+, persons with disability and socioeconomic equity issues.

Simon Fraser Liaison Committee

This committee liaises with Simon Fraser University on matters of common interest.

Traffic Safety Committee

This committee advises the council on improving safety on the City's roads for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Search and view proceedings of the committee and commissions, including meeting agendas, minutes and reports via eAgenda.

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