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Virtual City Hall

On this page, community members, residents, businesses and visitors can find information and access to a broad range of services. Get direction for your project or construction work, contact us with bylaw, permit and licensing questions, keep up to date with Public Safety, and learn about the policies, projects and initiatives that make Burnaby a great place to live.

  • Recent News

    Manage European Chafer Beetle: Nematode Coupon Program

    The City's Nematode Coupon Program provides coupons to Burnaby residents for a 50% subsidy off the purchase of nematodes at GardenWorks. Coupons are available from May 6 to May 12 at Bill Copeland Sports Centre. Limit two per property while quantities last.
    Mayor Derek Corrigan Awarded Honorary Citizenship in Seoul, Korea

    On his recent trip to Seoul, Korea, Mayor Derek Corrigan was given the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Seoul by Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul.
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    • Infrastructure Capital Plan

      Infrastructure Capital Plans

      Learn about the improvements and construction planned for roads, water, sewers, drainage and lighting. Take a tour of the different projects around the city! 2018 Construction »

    • Burnaby Central Park

      Community Plans, Economic, Social and Environmental Policies and Initiatives

      Read about Burnaby's status as a vibrant and sustainable community facilitating a healthy economy and a respect for the environment. Find out more »

    • Burnaby Garbage Truck

      Curbside Collection Schedule

      Get the curbside collection schedule for single family garbage, yard waste and food scraps collection, available in English and translated into 5 languages.
      Read it here »